Psychic Development Training. Course feedback and testimonials. Master your psychic abilities. Study at home for your own personal enrichment. Fulfill course requirements, demonstrate your proficiency, and help others. Distance learning now available thru correspondence.

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"I'm truly impressed! The Psychic Development Program Series 1, 2, and 3 was awe-inspiring. The lectures and demonstrations provided numerous ways and at many times "proof" we can be Psychic. I was given step-by-step training on all of the psychic "tools" that allowed me to see (clairvoyance) and sense (clairsensient & clairsentient) instantly. More importantly, this educational process helped me to self realize, acknowledge and accept my personal psychic skills. I highly recommend the complete Psychic Development Program Series to those who want to be listed with the world's best Psychics, and to achieve that goal with the greatest amount of inner self-confidence when helping themselves and others. These recordings should be on every psychic's bookshelf." Dr. Robert A. Fahey, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Hi Joy! I initially began the series so I could distinguish my thoughts from incoming information and gain some control over my abilities. The tapes have helped me a great deal. Although I am a hypnotherapist, until I listened to the tapes I was very alone in trying to get a handle on my psychic abilities. Not only has the series given me invaluable instruction, but they've given me such an incredible peace knowing that I am not alone and not crazy. (My abilities have been shunned from many sources since I was a small child.) I am much more confident in what I "know" and am very thankful for being led to the Joy Light Center. I am considering becoming certified, but haven't made any definite plans, yet. I thank you for reaching out to me and for all the wonderful work you, AIIS, and the Joy Light Center do. Love, Gioioa

Joy, I have just completed Psychic Development 1. It was absolutely amazing! I am very pleased at the quality and thoroughness of the information provided in the course. The advancement in my abilities during this first course has far exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to begin the second course. I look forward to continuing through all six courses. Jeff, Preston MO.

Spirit Communication, Channeling and Mediumship. Place your order here. Instructors, Anastasi, Maerz

Mediumship, Developing The Energy and Skill Place your order here. Instructors: Anastasi and Maerz

Mediumship II: The Refinement of Skills Place your order here. Instructors Anastasi and Maerz

These courses developed by Sandy Anastasi provide specific direction and study under the guidance of professional psychics.
Many Students Take These Courses For Their Own Personal Enrichment.
We Recommend You Start at Psychic Development Training for Beginners

A.I.I.S was formed with the goal of bringing to interested students a well informed and affordable education in every area of metaphysics. Since 1983, A.I.I.S. has trained famous psychics, such as John Edward, Joy Light, the late Shelly Peck, and students who now train others. Your instructors, Sandy Anastasi and John Maerz are world renown professional psychis. Take the final step from student to teacher, from amateur to professional. Master your psychic abilities. Start today.

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