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Joy is certified in Advanced Psychic Mediumship from Starchild Institute. Alumni include John Edward, the late Shelly Peck, and other famous psychic medium TV and Radio personalities.

Joy offers psychic readings online in a private chat room environment or by phone. All major credit cards accepted. Joy will contact you via email to set a date and time for your reading once your payment is received.

To get the most from your psychic reading, it is important for you to understand some basic information about authentic psychic mediumship as outlined below:

1. Connection with the other side is determined by spirit. Joy has no control as to who will come through.

2. The person you are hoping to connect with may not be the one who comes through first. It is important to keep your mind open and listen to the information given, as at times the first one who comes in will carry a message from others, but it may not be someone you feel connected to.

3. In spirit communication readings, there must ALWAYS be validation. Joy gives names, dates, events, or some sort of unique identifying information about the loved one who is coming through with profound accuracy. She touches with those in the physical and in spirit while reading, and may go back three generations. Validate the information that comes through by interacting with Joy during your psychic reading.

4. Joy is only the channel used to convey the messages. She does not control what is given. She has to interpret the information from her frame of reference, and needs you to be open to pulling the information into your frame of reference such that it makes sense to you. Please be open to all messages. They can be emotional, sensitive, funny, spontaneous, unique, but always sincere.

5. Joy's work does not involve reading tarot cards, interpreting astrology data, magic spells, crystals, fortune telling etc. She works with "energies" not seen, but heard, sensed, or pictured in visions. She works from a spiritual realm, to consult, to advise, and to help you with your own inner growth and to find closure.

6. At times Joy receives premonitions, visions, messages prior to events occurring. Please use discretion and discernment if during your reading you receive information that makes no sense. It will, most likely, come to light later.

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