Poetry, creative expression, journal writing, all have a place in the mystical realm. To go within and bring forth that which is dear to your heart and soul without concern for self criticism and judgement can be one of the most important self discovery tools one learns. Sharing that experience with others is the reward.

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Life's Journey

You are the earth, and I the sea,
You hold and nurture me
While I play restless in your arms.
The sun warms and lifts me from your gentle touch,
Into the vast oceans of the universe,
Where I dart and fly in my human race with time and space,
Until in the light I blend,
Misty eyed with nature I transcend,
Like a raindrop drifting in the wind,
Then touching softly your arms again,
Knowing now life never ends,
Feeling now the peace within.

Copyright (c), Joy Light, 1992

Mystical Journey

Sometimes when our eyes touch
I feel our souls blend in compassion, understanding, truth.
Seems as if our lives have been never touching
Except in spirit, until now.
The love, warmth, nurturing intimacy
Is beyond that of any physical nature,
Existing in the soft glow
Of the here and now of oneness.
The beauty leaves me breathless.
The memory lives forever in my soul.

Copyright (c), Joy Light, 1992

Joy is a spirit medium, author and poet. Joy's desire is to help others on their path to self-discovery. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and certified in advanced psychic mediumship. She receives messages from loved ones crossed over, giving her the special ability to channel communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits. Through her abilities as a medium she has found a way to channel such information in a positive light for others. She looks forward to connecting with you when you are ready to open up to Spirit.

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